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Learning Resources – Geo Safari Jr – My First Microscope

Learning Resources – Geo Safari Jr – My First Microscope

Isabella started to show an interest in the world around her and by finding bugs , stones and flowers in the garden so when we were asked to review Geo Safari Jr – My First Microscope, it was just perfect.

The microscope is a working microscope that can magnify any small object – flat or dimensional by 8x it’s size. Helping young children view small details and get up close with nature.

It has two extra large easy focus eye pieces, a hand grip and a soft, rubberised casing, making it the prefect first microscope.

It has an LED light with an on/off switch which Isabella loved!

A specimen tray to place your objects on which is great for young children as it means they have two hands free and can keep the item still.

Isabella really enjoyed learning to turn the focusing knob up and down to adjust the focus and picked it up really quickly.

The microscope is light weight and easy to carry so Isabella decided to take it out to her mud kitchen to look closer at her Sunflowers and stones she was playing with.

We have used it inside and outside. The light function is amazing when it’s a bit dull and dark out and one evening we took a close up look at dinosaurs when it got a bit darker and you could really see all the details just like with a real microscope.

One thing I love about the microscope is that it’s so robust and everything is child sized. It’s the perfect way to introduce young children to science at an early age.

I can see Isabella continue to use and benefit from this. Her older sisters who are 12 & 13 years also really enjoyed using it.

‘It’s recommended for children aged 3+ years

The only thing is requires is 3 AAA batteries and some everyday objects. It comes fully assembled in the box and it’s both the box and the microscope are lovely bright colours, making it the perfect gift for Christmas or Birthdays.

Here are a few ideas of things you could look at with the microscope – seeds, shells, pine cones, flowers and feathers. You could also laminate some items like pollen, to make your very own slides. Slides are not required to use the microscope.

You can get your very own Geo Safari – My First Microscope from, Argos, Hamleys, Wicked Uncle, and Amazon.

‘It’s RRP is £20

There are lots of other fantastic items available in the Geo Safari range to explore and introduce STEM learning too. You can check these out on the Learning Resources website.

Happy Exploring and thanks for reading

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Learning Resources Playfoam Pals

Learning Resources Playfoam Pals

We were so excited to be sent this new collectable toy from Learning Resources called Playfoam Pals.

The girls are big Playfoam fans from when I was working and I used to buy lots of it and Isabella loves anything that involves a surprise.

What is Playfoam?

Playfoam is a non-toxic formula for safe sensory play.

Its mess free so it wont stick to your carpets, clothing or furniture although sparkle Playfoam may transfer colour stain to fabric and plastic but stains can be removed from tabletops with vegetable oil.

One of the best things about Playfoam is that it never dries out, even if you forget to put it away!

What do you get in you box?

Each box includes two mystery pods filled full of a different coloured Playfoam and hidden inside is a mystery Playfoam Pal.

You also get a collection sheet to identify and tick off which Pals you get.

Series 1 features 12 wild animals plus rare endangered golden critters. So you can have fun collecting them all.

What can you do with it?

Playfoam has endless creative learning opportunities.

They had so much fun opening up their pods to discover which pals they got and we were even lucky enough to get a rare golden penguin!

Isabella used her fine motor skills to mold the foam making different shapes. She just loved feeling it and all the girls found it very relaxing to just sit and play with it in their hands.

They all used their imaginations to create different models from cats to snakes.

Megan had a great idea to make a car from her Playfoam and Sophie used the pod to create an iglo for the penguin. They also made beds for their pals too.

The girls thought it was hilarious that you could take the heads off and swap the bodies to create different creatures and they also had a wedding!

Playfoam Pals are a great ideas for stocking fillers for christmas and they provide hours of fun.

In my opinion they are a bargain for they amount of entertainment they provide not to mention all the learning and sensory benifits. They are £6.99 for two pods and you can get them from all major toy stores, Amazon or the Learning Resources website.

‘They are recommended for ages 5 years and above although Isabella is 2 years and with supervision absolutely loves them. They do contain small parts so constant supervision would be required for under 5 years!

They are also the perfect size to be taken anywhere and I will definitley be packing them for outings, car journeys and plane trips.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and we hope you have fun.

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Healthy snacks for babies and toddlers

Healthy snacks for babies and toddlers

I don’t know about anybody else but my children have always been and still are snack monsters.

I’m surprised it was not one of their first words.

Having my first two children with twelve months and one day apart had its challenges and things like trips to the supermarket, waiting in the doctors surgery or a plane trip home to see my family was tough work , so I always had to plan activities and snacks in advance.

Id love to say I only made them homemade snacks in advance but I never had the time and sometimes fresh fruit just didn’t cut it!

This is where Organix came to the rescue.

Anybody that knows me knows that I always had a full stock of snacks in its very own bag, wherever I went.

Fast forward almost thirteen years and I now have a 13 year old, twelve year old and a two year old. Megan and Sophie grew up on Organix carrot crisps, gingerbread men and raisins and they are now almost both teenagers and perfectly healthy.

Organix helped make me not feel guilty for giving them snacks from a packet as I always knew they were full of goodness and had a ‘no junk promise’ – a stamp of reassurance on all their foods. (always organic, nothing unnecessary, setting standards to remove “the junk” from all children’s food.)

So here I am with a toddler again all these years later and I’m buying them again which I think really says a lot about their snacks.

Organix kindly sent us some of their new seed bites range which we were really excited to try and we have not been disappointed.

They have three delicious flavours to choose from

-Banana and cocoa fruit seed bites

-Coconut and cocoa fruit seed bites

-Coco fruit seed bites

They are made from dried fruits (dates and prunes) sunflower seeds and are flavoured from cocoa powder, banana and coconut. They all have a soft chewy texture and come in individual bite size pieces .

I just love that they contain natural sugars and nutrious ingredients so they get a big thumbs up from us and what a great way to get your children to eat seeds!

They are an ideal snack, in individual little bags to pack for out and about or even to enjoy at home

Dr Frankie Phillips, Nutrition Advisor to Organix, says: Toddlers need the extra nutrients healthy snacking can provide. For good healthy snacking, variety, a mix of sweet and savoury flavours and a balance of different foods are all important.  So offer your little one lots of shapes, tastes and textures to help expand the repertoire of foods they eat, and this will also help ensure they’re getting a range of nutrients.”

They cost 75p for a 20g pack, specially portion packed for toddlers.  They be widely available in supermarkets now.


Organix have a wide range of snacks and some of our favourites are the rice cakes, fruit pots, corn puffs, animal biscuits and the oat bars

Also on their website are lots of recipes to make your own healthy meals and snacks.

We recently made their fruity bread fingers and they were so tasty.



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Learning Resources – Beakers creatures lab set 👾⚗️👾

Learning Resources – Beakers creatures lab set 👾⚗️👾


We were asked by Learning Resources to review their new ‘Beakers Creatures lab set’ and I jumped at the chance as I have always loved their products.

We were very kindly sent the following sets.

Beakers Creatures Liquid Reactor Super lab

The girls wanted to open this set first.

It was super easy and took minutes to put together.

Beakers Creatures are mysterious creatures from distant planets that have landed here on Earth.

They need to be extracted from their reactor pods. For this, all you need is water.

The girls took turns filling a plunger with water and attaching them to the lab base. After they unwrapped the reactor pod and popped it into the chamber, they both pushed the plungers down and the water rushed through the tubes into the chamber. Then the chamber filled with coloured foam and fizzed up over the sides. I have to say it was amazing to watch and you can see in the photos how excited they got. We then lifted out the capsule with the tongs and popped it open to reveal our creature. The set comes with two reactor pods and two classification cards. So you can then identify which creature you got.

The set also comes with two mini-posters with amazing science facts and one full size poster

After the girls had finished they continued to play with the coloured fizzy water and Isabella who is two years old particularly enjoyed using a pipette , we already had from Learning Resources to transfer the water between the two beakers. 

I love that this set introduces children to science from an early age, in such a fun way. The instruction booklet describes the chemical reaction between the acids and bases and it also comes with four other experiments. So the fun does not stop once you have used your reactor pods.

‘The other experiments are Cosmic Colours , Alien Slime Time, Deep Blue Sea and Beware the Whirlpool. 

Each experiment teaches you a different thing and one of them is slime making, which I’m yet to meet a child that does not love!

We have had the set a few weeks now and they are still just as excited to get it out and when their cousin who is six years old came to visit she loved it just as much.

The girls are aged thirteen , twelve and two years and I would happily say that it entertained each age group, in different ways. The older girls were fascinated wit the science facts and understanding how it all worked but still enjoyed the creatures. The younger girls were just amazed by the whole thing and really used their imaginations. All four girls used the creatures and the slime to do small world play.

The set is aimed at age 5 years and up. Younger children may need a little help but older children could do it independently.

Beakers Creatures Magnification Chamber

The whole idea of the magnification chamber is to be able to see the creatures up close.

So you pop the creature into the chamber and have a look through the magnifying glass to identify which creature you have.

In this set you get two reactor pods , two mini-posters and two classification cards.

You also get an experiment guide for three experiments, Shooting stars, Bubbling Volcano and Alien Slime Time.

With this set you extract your Creatures in a bowl of water similar to the Liquid Reactor Lab.

The girls had great fun creating more experiments in this chamber as you can see below.

Beakers Creatures Bio home

This set is like a mini set and comes with one reactor pod that you can add to a bowl of water to extract and with a bio-home that has a built in magnifier so you can identify which creature you got. It also has two classification cards and two mini-posters with fun science facts.

There is just so much you can do with these sets and here are a few examples of what the girls did after we had used all of our reactor pods.

We hope you enjoyed our review and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

I would happily recommend these sets and I will be buying some more for birthday and Christmas presents.

They are all available on the Learning Resources website.

The lab set is £25, the magnification chamber is £15, and the 2-pack with bio home is £10.

These lines are also available on Amazon.

Individual replacement pods will be available later this year, on Learning Resources website and in high street stores such as Toymaster, Daniels and a two pack or six pack will be on Amazon soon.

Lab coat set


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Kit & Kin nappies and wipes review

Kit & Kin nappies and wipes review

We were very kindly sent some award winning earth friendly nappies and wipes from Kit & kin to give an honest review of them.

My first impressions when I opened the box was the beautiful packaging. I thought they looked so clean and fresh. The packaging is also so informative

I then opened the packet and pulled out the cutest fox nappy ever! I have to say the look of the actually nappy is just adorable and would be perfect for photo shoots as nappies never look that great in a photo.

The nappy felt so soft on the outside and the inside. I immediately noticed that it felt thicker and so I compared it to a supermarket own brand nappy I had and it was but not in a chunky way just that the supermarket nappy looked, very thin in comparison so I was interested to see what the absorbency was like. The waist is super stretchy unlike other nappies I have tried and as I have three children of my own, ranging from 13 years old to two years old and also worked in childcare for many years, (yes you can imagine how many nappies I have changed) and also how many brands I have used too. The moisture barrier cuff is also just as stretchy but also the material is really sturdy so I am imagining it will hold up a lot better and prevent leakages.

So let’s put them to the test!

I showed Isabella who is two years old the nappy and she loved the fox design, they also come in a panda/bear and tiger design. So she was enthusiastic to put it on which always helps as I usually have to chase her to get her nappy on.

We have a size 5 nappy and I usually have to put her in a six in most other brands so I was really surprised how much room there was and I think this is down to how stretchy they are. I actually compared the supermarket nappy in a size six to the Kit & kin size five nappy and they are the exact same size. The fit of the nappy is amazing and you can see how it adjusts to her body. There were no gaps anywhere but is also not too tight anywhere. I can see as she runs around and bends up and down how flexible the nappy is. This is great for Isabella as she is super active.

Time for a change, well after a week of using the nappies I can safely say they do not just look good. We have not had one leak and they hold so much. They lasted all night and one thing I am so impressed with is how in every other nappy I have tried they leave marks on her where they have obviously been rubbing against her skin. These nappies have not left one mark and I think this shows how well they are designed.

All three of my children have had eczema so we had to ensure we changed them more often as sitting in a wet nappy really aggravated their skin and also caused nappy rash. These nappies contain fewer chemicals than standard nappies and the fluff pulp used is chlorine-free and harvested from sustainably managed forests. So this is not only good for the environment but also good for babies delicate skin.

During our week of testing we had one of many poo explosions as Isabella is dairy intolerant and does not always cope with too much fructose either. We obviously try to avoid as much as possible but sometimes we miss something and after a few too many strawberries on our trip to the beach, we had an explosion. I was relieved that the nappy held everything in! This is so important to me in a nappy, as you can imagine the embarrassing situations we have been in when out and about. I would give these nappies a five star review and highly recommend them. They fit great, hold everything in, last all night, are so cute and I love how great they are for the environment. I was shocked to read that an average nappy takes up to 400 years to biodegrade! Thats longer than I will live and it really made me think about how I should be doing more to protect our world for my children, grandchildren and so on. Using these nappies makes me feel a lot better as almost every element of a Kit & Kin nappy and its packaging, will biodegrade within 3 to 6 years. How amazing is that. Such an unbelievable difference.

I think these nappies are a great alternative for first time parents that intend to use reusable nappies but want to wait till the first few months of madness pass and also for people using reusable nappies that do not want to have to carry wet or soiled nappies around when out and about.

They are also available at Boots, Tesco and Ocado.

You can buy the nappies and wipes from and they have a subscribe and save service with free delivery and a 25% saving each month. How amazing to not have to run out of nappies (which I do) or have to carry them around the shops with a baby or toddler. You can cancel at any time or add more to your order.

There is currently a 25% off code on their website too if you want to order a pack to try.

The Kit & Kin wipes smell so nice and two of my friends commented on how lovely they smelt. It must be the aloe vera, cucumber and chamomile extract.

They are also bigger than some other wipes I compared them to and have a great texture. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance free and dermatologically approved so fantastic for sensitive skin with all their botanical ingredients. They are also medical grade and contain no petrochemicals chlorine or harsh chemicals and this makes me feel happy to wipe Isabellas face, hands and body with them.

The wipes are also 100% biodegradable so again, earth friendly!

I also asked my sister in-law who was visiting with her children to try them, she said.

“I just love these ‘Kit and Kin’ fox nappies. They are super absorbent and I really liked the stretchy waist band to allow for movement with my energetic toddler. Not only do I find these nappies really high quality but the are just adorable to look at too.”


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