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Kit & Kin nappies and wipes review

Kit & Kin nappies and wipes review

We were very kindly sent some award winning earth friendly nappies and wipes from Kit & kin to give an honest review of them.

My first impressions when I opened the box was the beautiful packaging. I thought they looked so clean and fresh. The packaging is also so informative

I then opened the packet and pulled out the cutest fox nappy ever! I have to say the look of the actually nappy is just adorable and would be perfect for photo shoots as nappies never look that great in a photo.

The nappy felt so soft on the outside and the inside. I immediately noticed that it felt thicker and so I compared it to a supermarket own brand nappy I had and it was but not in a chunky way just that the supermarket nappy looked, very thin in comparison so I was interested to see what the absorbency was like. The waist is super stretchy unlike other nappies I have tried and as I have three children of my own, ranging from 13 years old to two years old and also worked in childcare for many years, (yes you can imagine how many nappies I have changed) and also how many brands I have used too. The moisture barrier cuff is also just as stretchy but also the material is really sturdy so I am imagining it will hold up a lot better and prevent leakages.

So let’s put them to the test!

I showed Isabella who is two years old the nappy and she loved the fox design, they also come in a panda/bear and tiger design. So she was enthusiastic to put it on which always helps as I usually have to chase her to get her nappy on.

We have a size 5 nappy and I usually have to put her in a six in most other brands so I was really surprised how much room there was and I think this is down to how stretchy they are. I actually compared the supermarket nappy in a size six to the Kit & kin size five nappy and they are the exact same size. The fit of the nappy is amazing and you can see how it adjusts to her body. There were no gaps anywhere but is also not too tight anywhere. I can see as she runs around and bends up and down how flexible the nappy is. This is great for Isabella as she is super active.

Time for a change, well after a week of using the nappies I can safely say they do not just look good. We have not had one leak and they hold so much. They lasted all night and one thing I am so impressed with is how in every other nappy I have tried they leave marks on her where they have obviously been rubbing against her skin. These nappies have not left one mark and I think this shows how well they are designed.

All three of my children have had eczema so we had to ensure we changed them more often as sitting in a wet nappy really aggravated their skin and also caused nappy rash. These nappies contain fewer chemicals than standard nappies and the fluff pulp used is chlorine-free and harvested from sustainably managed forests. So this is not only good for the environment but also good for babies delicate skin.

During our week of testing we had one of many poo explosions as Isabella is dairy intolerant and does not always cope with too much fructose either. We obviously try to avoid as much as possible but sometimes we miss something and after a few too many strawberries on our trip to the beach, we had an explosion. I was relieved that the nappy held everything in! This is so important to me in a nappy, as you can imagine the embarrassing situations we have been in when out and about. I would give these nappies a five star review and highly recommend them. They fit great, hold everything in, last all night, are so cute and I love how great they are for the environment. I was shocked to read that an average nappy takes up to 400 years to biodegrade! Thats longer than I will live and it really made me think about how I should be doing more to protect our world for my children, grandchildren and so on. Using these nappies makes me feel a lot better as almost every element of a Kit & Kin nappy and its packaging, will biodegrade within 3 to 6 years. How amazing is that. Such an unbelievable difference.

I think these nappies are a great alternative for first time parents that intend to use reusable nappies but want to wait till the first few months of madness pass and also for people using reusable nappies that do not want to have to carry wet or soiled nappies around when out and about.

They are also available at Boots, Tesco and Ocado.

You can buy the nappies and wipes from and they have a subscribe and save service with free delivery and a 25% saving each month. How amazing to not have to run out of nappies (which I do) or have to carry them around the shops with a baby or toddler. You can cancel at any time or add more to your order.

There is currently a 25% off code on their website too if you want to order a pack to try.

The Kit & Kin wipes smell so nice and two of my friends commented on how lovely they smelt. It must be the aloe vera, cucumber and chamomile extract.

They are also bigger than some other wipes I compared them to and have a great texture. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance free and dermatologically approved so fantastic for sensitive skin with all their botanical ingredients. They are also medical grade and contain no petrochemicals chlorine or harsh chemicals and this makes me feel happy to wipe Isabellas face, hands and body with them.

The wipes are also 100% biodegradable so again, earth friendly!

I also asked my sister in-law who was visiting with her children to try them, she said.

“I just love these ‘Kit and Kin’ fox nappies. They are super absorbent and I really liked the stretchy waist band to allow for movement with my energetic toddler. Not only do I find these nappies really high quality but the are just adorable to look at too.”


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Lavender play dough

Lavender play dough

This has to be the best play dough recipe ever!

So natural with such a great texture and smells amazing.

So here’s how to make it..

You will need the following ingredients

One cup blueberries -I used ones that were not longer edible

340g plain flour

85g salt

1 1/2 Tbs cream of tartar

1 tbs vegetable oil

240 mls boiling water

5 drops of lavender essential oils (optional)

Purple glitter (optional)

Fresh lavender (optional but if you use lots it adds to the sensory experience)

Step one – add all the dry ingredients and mix.

Step two – add the vegetable oilStep three – pour the blue berries into water and boil in a pot for approx 5 mins. I did give them a stir and squashed a few.

Step four – using a sieve separate the blueberries from the water. I also squashed them to squeeze out as much juice as possible.

Step five – add some lavender essential oils to the berries about 5 drops if you wish.

Then add to the dry mixture (please not this will be very hot so not suitable for a child to do and I would not allow a child to touch the dough till it cools a bit)

Step six – after mixing with a spoon and its cool enough to handle, knead the mixture. It will be sticky but don’t be tempted to add more flour as it will improve as you knead it.

We then added some fresh lavender from the garden.

Isabella also wanted to add sparkles to we added some purple glitter to one half. If you give it a try we would love to see. You can tag us @my_three_little_strawberries or use the hashtag #mythreelittlestrawberries

We look forward to seeing all your photos.



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Ocean Sensory Tray

Ocean Sensory Tray

This was one of our most popular trays yet it was so easy.

It took me five minutes to set up whilst I was about to prepare the dinner and kept Isabella engaged for so long!

To make it all I done was fill the tray up with water, added some blue food colour.

Next I added some sand to one side and then I added some plastic star fish, crabs and fish.

I also added in some shells that i had in my kitchen from a vase and some pebbles that we had in the garden.

So easy yet so effective.

Any questons please leave them below.



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Rainbow slime

Rainbow slime

What you will need for this recipe

  • Clear PVA glue
  • Contact lense solution
  • Food colouring (we use gels)
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Some jars or pots







We did not use certain amounts for this recipe, we just filled the bottom of a jar with about an inch of PVA glue and then added the rest of the ingredients as needed, using a small amount at a time and adjusting as needed. We used Brian Clegg Clear PVA glue, as after months of searching for clear glue we finally found this one.









Next we added the food colour. We always use gel as its much more concentrated and gives a more vibrant colour. You only need to use a really tiny bit!









After we got the right shade colour we added the bicarbonate of soda. We used about a teaspoon but you can alter this as needed.









For this batch of slime we used contact lense solution as a borax substitute but for our next slime blog post we have ordered some borax to try out so we will let you know how this turns out very soon!









Key to good slime is the kneading process so work the slime for as long as needed until you get a good texture (not too sticky and not too wet).









Here the girls are working their slime and really enjoying it. Slime is such a great sensory experience.









You can see here how the clear glue gives such an amazing effect.










The girls just love making slime and ask to do it almost everyday!

They are looking forward to the next batch already and we cant wait to see how it turns out with the borax recipe.

We hope you enjoyed our rainbow slime and would love some feedback or if you have any ideas for the next batch, let us know!

Thanks for reading,

My Three Little Strawberries





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Our learning environment

Our learning environment

Coming soon….


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