Healthy snacks for babies and toddlers

Healthy snacks for babies and toddlers

I don’t know about anybody else but my children have always been and still are snack monsters.

I’m surprised it was not one of their first words.

Having my first two children with twelve months and one day apart had its challenges and things like trips to the supermarket, waiting in the doctors surgery or a plane trip home to see my family was tough work , so I always had to plan activities and snacks in advance.

Id love to say I only made them homemade snacks in advance but I never had the time and sometimes fresh fruit just didn’t cut it!

This is where Organix came to the rescue.

Anybody that knows me knows that I always had a full stock of snacks in its very own bag, wherever I went.

Fast forward almost thirteen years and I now have a 13 year old, twelve year old and a two year old. Megan and Sophie grew up on Organix carrot crisps, gingerbread men and raisins and they are now almost both teenagers and perfectly healthy.

Organix helped make me not feel guilty for giving them snacks from a packet as I always knew they were full of goodness and had a ‘no junk promise’ – a stamp of reassurance on all their foods. (always organic, nothing unnecessary, setting standards to remove “the junk” from all children’s food.)

So here I am with a toddler again all these years later and I’m buying them again which I think really says a lot about their snacks.

Organix kindly sent us some of their new seed bites range which we were really excited to try and we have not been disappointed.

They have three delicious flavours to choose from

-Banana and cocoa fruit seed bites

-Coconut and cocoa fruit seed bites

-Coco fruit seed bites

They are made from dried fruits (dates and prunes) sunflower seeds and are flavoured from cocoa powder, banana and coconut. They all have a soft chewy texture and come in individual bite size pieces .

I just love that they contain natural sugars and nutrious ingredients so they get a big thumbs up from us and what a great way to get your children to eat seeds!

They are an ideal snack, in individual little bags to pack for out and about or even to enjoy at home

Dr Frankie Phillips, Nutrition Advisor to Organix, says: Toddlers need the extra nutrients healthy snacking can provide. For good healthy snacking, variety, a mix of sweet and savoury flavours and a balance of different foods are all important.  So offer your little one lots of shapes, tastes and textures to help expand the repertoire of foods they eat, and this will also help ensure they’re getting a range of nutrients.”

They cost 75p for a 20g pack, specially portion packed for toddlers.  They be widely available in supermarkets now.


Organix have a wide range of snacks and some of our favourites are the rice cakes, fruit pots, corn puffs, animal biscuits and the oat bars

Also on their website are lots of recipes to make your own healthy meals and snacks.

We recently made their fruity bread fingers and they were so tasty.



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