Bioglitter Pumpkin Play Dough ?✨?✨

Bioglitter Pumpkin Play Dough ?✨?✨

As you all know we are big Bioglitter fans so we had an amazing idea to add it to our Homemade Natural Pumpkin Playdough.

We had so much fun making this recipe and it was a bit of an experiment as we intended it to be a no cook recipe but it ended up needing to be cooked and needed some tweaking. So here it is….

Bioglitter Pumpkin Playdough Recipe

680g plaint flour

85g salt

1 1/2 tbs cream of tartar

1tbs vegetable oil

240mls boiling water

1 can pumpkin purée

lots of Bioglitter

2tbs pumpkin spice


1. Mix all the dry ingredients together first ( I would add half the flour now and save half until you are cooking)

2. Add the pumpkin purée (I actually got this from a friend from America but I have checked and Tesco and Waitrose sell it too)

3. Add all the wet ingredients and mix

4. Start cooking it on the hob on a low heat (it will take time and lots of mixing) if after a while it has not thickened then add the remaining flour gradually and continue mixing until it forms a dough.

5. Empty out of the pot onto a board and when you can touch it begin kneading it. You can add your Bioglitter now or I let Isabella add it herself as she loves this part and then knead it until fully mixed in.

Enjoy !

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