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Learning Resources – Slide & Splash Seals

Learning Resources – Slide & Splash Seals

All three of my children have loved bath toys so I am always on the look out for something new to add to our collection and when we were asked by Learning Resources to review the Bright Basics – Slide & Splash Seals , I was so excited.

My First impressions were how well made and sturdy everything was. The slide came in two parts that fold together for easy storage and it was super easy to put together. Isabella loved the seals which are basically seals sat on wheels so, like a push along car. The set comes with two seals, one with a penguin sat on its back and one that’s a seal on an aeroplane.


The slide has two suction pads that stick firmly onto the side of the bath or shower if you don’t have a bath.

Isabella just loved putting each seal at the top of the slide and watching the whizz down the slide really fast and there is a jump at the end so the seals really do fly off the end fast into the water. She thought this was hilarious and so did I !

Isabella also really liked to push the seals through the water and round the side of the bath. Included in the box is a song “The Wheels on the Seals Go Round and Round” and Isabella picked the words up very quick and happily sand it whilst pushing them round.

One thing I really like about this bath toy is that there is no place for water to hide and grow mould in it as I have to bin a lot of bath toys for this reason and it also comes with a handy storage bag which I hung over the taps to drip dry.

Isabella loved this toy so much that she wanted to take it into the garden so I stuck the slide onto the patio door and put some water in our tuff tray to extend her play.

She happily played in the garden with this for over an hour and loved putting on little voices for the seals and using them for imaginary play. So not only is this toy amazing for sensory play but its also fantastic for encouraging imaginations and small world play.

It helps children to learn about cases and effect, watching how far the seals will go and introduces them to STEM learning in a fun way.


I really think this is an amazing toy not just for the bath and would highly recommend it to anyones children that enjoy both sensory and imaginative play.

Its definitely in my top list of favourite toys and Isabella’s.

If you have a child that is not keen on the bath or water then this will be sure to distract them and help them enjoy bath times.

The recommended RRP is £18 and can be purchased from Learning Resources.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun with this toy too.

Any questions or comments please leave them below.


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This post was written in collaboration with Learning Resources but all thought and opinions are my own.

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Learning Resources STEMS 3D Fun Educational Construction Toy

Learning Resources STEMS 3D Fun Educational Construction Toy

What The Set Comes With

We received the set of 60 STEMS RRP £25 ( they also have a set of 20 available RRP £9 ) to give an honest review on.

This set comes in a handy durable storage box with a twist on lid, complete with handle.

Inside you get 12 of each colour including pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Now the amazing thing about STEMS is that there is only one shape but you can create so many amazing designs with just this one piece!

Learning Resources brought STEMS to life from the mind of Euan Lind after they met him at the 2017 London Toy Fair and I have to say they are a fantastic creation.

Each piece is super bendy with a bumpy edging that allows them to snap together. There is a small gap in each one with allows them to be moulded into almost any design, From a 2D to a 3D design.

The set also comes with an activity guide but you don’t have to follow it as with this open ended toy you can create whatever your imagination would like. I really love the fact you don’t need to follow the instructions, especially for younger children as it means they can start off creating more simple designs and then move onto the guide as they become more able. Suitable for ages 5+.

I will say that it can be a bit tricky to start so definitely recommend starting with something small and some adult help may be needed for the younger age groups. However my 12 year old daughter needed no help and really enjoyed it.

What You Can Make

Some of the things you can make are a crown, balls, wheels, birds and frogs!

The possibilities are endless and here are a few that we created.

A Small Ball

A Crown – we even added some drawings into the squares but I didn’t get a photo of that.



A Helmet 

A Spiral



A Large Ball


Some of the Learning and development outcomes that can be achieved from STEMS

Problem solving skills

Fine motor skills

Hand – Eye coordination


Creative Development

Mathematic skills

Overall we absolutely loved testing STEMS out and would highly recommend them. I think they make a perfect gift and a must have for any school classroom.

We hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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Coloured Clear PVA Glue Slime

Coloured Clear PVA Glue Slime

Have you tried any of our other slime recipes?

Well its just got so much easier.

As now you don’t even need to add a colour, thanks to Brian Cleggs new coloured clear PVA glue.

They have already added the colour for you and it comes in four beautiful colours (yellow, green, blue, and pink).

We always use this brand of glue as the girls are obsessed with making clear slimes and we find it amazing.

So this recipe is may not work with other brands.

Ingredients you will need to make Coloured Clear PVA Slime

  • 1/3 cup Brian Clegg Coloured Clear PVA Glue
  • 1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp Contact lense solution**Important: your brand of contact lens solution must contain boric acid and sodium borate.

You can also add glitter, we use Brian Cleggs Bio Craft Glitter as we find it the most effective and its better for the environment.

This recipe is for a small amount of slime so if you want a larger batch then just adjust the ingredients.

Please note:  Slime Safety ! This is homemade slime made with glue, bicarbonate of soda and contact lens solution. If you are sensitive to these ingredients, please do not use. Slime is not to be placed in the mouth and you should wash your hands after use. Adult supervision is recommended.





  1. Pour the glue into a clean and dry bowl
  2. Add the bicarbonate of soda and mix in really well
  3. Next add the contact lens solution and mix. It should start to come together and not stick to the sides of the bowl. Don’t be tempted to add too much solution as this will create rubbery slime that just breaks.
  4. Take your slime out and knead the mixture. If your slime is still sticky and sticks to your hands then add a very small amount of contact solution to your hands and knead into the mixture. Be really careful to only add small amounts as you can always add more but not take it away. This is the reason I would recommend starting with a small batch of slime first as then if it goes wrong you won’t have wasted a whole bottle of glue.
  5. I add the glitter now and knead it in but you can add it to the glue at the very beginning if you wish.

If you like our slime posts please leave us a comment and we can create more or if you have any you’d like to see let us know that too. We love to hear from you and see your slimes so tag us in, on your social media. 

To win your own Brian Clegg Glue, head over to their Instagram Account for more details how to enter. Competition closes 7th February 2019. Good Luck!

Have fun making slime!

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Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Christmas Book Advent Calendar

There are so many different versions of Advent Calendars now, from chocolate to Lego and even wine for adults.

This year Book Advent Calendars are really popular and I think its such a great idea because who does not want to encourage children to read or parents to read to their children?

So The Works have very kindly sent us some books to get us started.

They have the most amazing offer on of 10 books for £10!

They have some of our favourites included such as “Were Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

We decided to pick mostly Christmas themed books and a few Winter ones with Peppa Pig.

What is a book advent? It’s very simple. Basically you wrap up 24 Christmas books and open one each night until Christmas Eve. After the last book is read, the children know that Santa is on his way!

We have 24 books altogether and we love arts and crafts so decided to wrap each book in brown paper and decorate them using some great stamps we picked up in The Works store.

We used our favourite Little Brian Art paint sticks to apply paint to the stamps and printed them onto the paper. We wrapped the books first!

We also added a bit of glitter using our Brian Clegg PVA Glue and Bio Glitter.

Then we labeled each book with a felt number.


Isabella is so excited to get started and she had lots of fun helping me wrap them.

For the older girls we have just bought them one book each as their books take a long time to read but they will still be a big part of this as they will be helping Isabella open the books and they will read some of them to her.

She adores her big sisters so will love nothing more that cuddling up with them for a story.

I think the Book Advent is a great alternative or addition (whichever you choose) to the traditional chocolate calendar as Isabella is dairy free so its not always easy to find a dairy free chocolate calendar and less sugar is always a bonus!


Happy reading

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Learning Resources Christmas Gift Guide 2018


Beaker Creatures Super Lab Set


Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber

Beakers Creatures Sets

Theses sets are loved by all three girls and their cousins. Its a great introduction to science in a fun way.

All the sets compliment each other but also work great on their own.

The come with some great slime recipes and other experiment ideas.

These are sure to keep children entertained over Christmas and beyond.

You can view our full review on these here

Beakers Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab RRP £25.00

Suitable ages 5 years +

Beakers Creatures Magnification Chamber RRP £15.00

Suitable ages 5 years+

Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope

Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope

This is such a cute gift and Isabella gets it off the shelf to use almost everyday to examine all sorts of things.

Its also great for the garden and is the perfect size to take on outings.

You can read our full review here

RRP £20.00

Suitable for ages 3-7 years

Playfoam Pals

Playfoam® Pals™ Wild Friends 2-Pack

Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends

Playfoam® Pals™ Snowy Friends 2-Pack

Playfoam Pals

Theses are the perfect stocking filler!

We are huge Playfoam fans.

I love these just as much as the girls and they love collecting the characters you get inside and Isabella loves to use them for small world play.

You can read our full review here

RRP £6.00 for a pack of two

Suitable for ages 5 years+

Playfoam Shape and Learn Number set

Playfoam® Shape & Learn Numbers Set

Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

Playfoam® Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

Playfoam Shape and Learn (numbers and letters sets)

These sets are fantastic.

They come with play foam in a range of colours and high quality cards that have numbers/letters/shapes (depending which set you choose) on them and then you can mould the foam around them to create the letter or number.

Amazing for learning shapes and colours.

Ideal for letter and number recognition.

RRP £13.00

Suitable for ages 3 years+

Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

Get a grip on fine motor skills!

Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set 

All if you don’t know by now then where have you been?

I think this is an essential set for sensory play and we use these in almost every activity.

I cannot recommend them enough.

Amazing for developing fine motor skills and much more!

RRP £8.00

Suitable for ages 3 years+




This game is the perfect for family games nights but also for parties as its so much fun. We will definitely be taking it to our Christmas Eve party night.

Its not just for kids, adults will enjoy playing it on Child free evenings too!

It comes with a set of cards and play foam. You choose a card and pick something from it then mould it for the other players to guess what it is. (warning.. this can get seriously funny!)

You can also read our full review here

RRP £19.00

Suitable ages 10 years+


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