Learning Resources Playfoam Pals

Learning Resources Playfoam Pals

We were so excited to be sent this new collectable toy from Learning Resources called Playfoam Pals.

The girls are big Playfoam fans from when I was working and I used to buy lots of it and Isabella loves anything that involves a surprise.

What is Playfoam?

Playfoam is a non-toxic formula for safe sensory play.

Its mess free so it wont stick to your carpets, clothing or furniture although sparkle Playfoam may transfer colour stain to fabric and plastic but stains can be removed from tabletops with vegetable oil.

One of the best things about Playfoam is that it never dries out, even if you forget to put it away!

What do you get in you box?

Each box includes two mystery pods filled full of a different coloured Playfoam and hidden inside is a mystery Playfoam Pal.

You also get a collection sheet to identify and tick off which Pals you get.

Series 1 features 12 wild animals plus rare endangered golden critters. So you can have fun collecting them all.

What can you do with it?

Playfoam has endless creative learning opportunities.

They had so much fun opening up their pods to discover which pals they got and we were even lucky enough to get a rare golden penguin!

Isabella used her fine motor skills to mold the foam making different shapes. She just loved feeling it and all the girls found it very relaxing to just sit and play with it in their hands.

They all used their imaginations to create different models from cats to snakes.

Megan had a great idea to make a car from her Playfoam and Sophie used the pod to create an iglo for the penguin. They also made beds for their pals too.

The girls thought it was hilarious that you could take the heads off and swap the bodies to create different creatures and they also had a wedding!

Playfoam Pals are a great ideas for stocking fillers for christmas and they provide hours of fun.

In my opinion they are a bargain for they amount of entertainment they provide not to mention all the learning and sensory benifits. They are £6.99 for two pods and you can get them from all major toy stores, Amazon or the Learning Resources website.

‘They are recommended for ages 5 years and above although Isabella is 2 years and with supervision absolutely loves them. They do contain small parts so constant supervision would be required for under 5 years!

They are also the perfect size to be taken anywhere and I will definitley be packing them for outings, car journeys and plane trips.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and we hope you have fun.

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