Learning Resources – Beakers creatures lab set ?⚗️?

Learning Resources – Beakers creatures lab set ?⚗️?


We were asked by Learning Resources to review their new ‘Beakers Creatures lab set’ and I jumped at the chance as I have always loved their products.

We were very kindly sent the following sets.

Beakers Creatures Liquid Reactor Super lab

The girls wanted to open this set first.

It was super easy and took minutes to put together.

Beakers Creatures are mysterious creatures from distant planets that have landed here on Earth.

They need to be extracted from their reactor pods. For this, all you need is water.

The girls took turns filling a plunger with water and attaching them to the lab base. After they unwrapped the reactor pod and popped it into the chamber, they both pushed the plungers down and the water rushed through the tubes into the chamber. Then the chamber filled with coloured foam and fizzed up over the sides. I have to say it was amazing to watch and you can see in the photos how excited they got. We then lifted out the capsule with the tongs and popped it open to reveal our creature. The set comes with two reactor pods and two classification cards. So you can then identify which creature you got.

The set also comes with two mini-posters with amazing science facts and one full size poster

After the girls had finished they continued to play with the coloured fizzy water and Isabella who is two years old particularly enjoyed using a pipette , we already had from Learning Resources to transfer the water between the two beakers. 

I love that this set introduces children to science from an early age, in such a fun way. The instruction booklet describes the chemical reaction between the acids and bases and it also comes with four other experiments. So the fun does not stop once you have used your reactor pods.

‘The other experiments are Cosmic Colours , Alien Slime Time, Deep Blue Sea and Beware the Whirlpool. 

Each experiment teaches you a different thing and one of them is slime making, which I’m yet to meet a child that does not love!

We have had the set a few weeks now and they are still just as excited to get it out and when their cousin who is six years old came to visit she loved it just as much.

The girls are aged thirteen , twelve and two years and I would happily say that it entertained each age group, in different ways. The older girls were fascinated wit the science facts and understanding how it all worked but still enjoyed the creatures. The younger girls were just amazed by the whole thing and really used their imaginations. All four girls used the creatures and the slime to do small world play.

The set is aimed at age 5 years and up. Younger children may need a little help but older children could do it independently.

Beakers Creatures Magnification Chamber

The whole idea of the magnification chamber is to be able to see the creatures up close.

So you pop the creature into the chamber and have a look through the magnifying glass to identify which creature you have.

In this set you get two reactor pods , two mini-posters and two classification cards.

You also get an experiment guide for three experiments, Shooting stars, Bubbling Volcano and Alien Slime Time.

With this set you extract your Creatures in a bowl of water similar to the Liquid Reactor Lab.

The girls had great fun creating more experiments in this chamber as you can see below.

Beakers Creatures Bio home

This set is like a mini set and comes with one reactor pod that you can add to a bowl of water to extract and with a bio-home that has a built in magnifier so you can identify which creature you got. It also has two classification cards and two mini-posters with fun science facts.

There is just so much you can do with these sets and here are a few examples of what the girls did after we had used all of our reactor pods.

We hope you enjoyed our review and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

I would happily recommend these sets and I will be buying some more for birthday and Christmas presents.

They are all available on the Learning Resources website.

The lab set is £25, the magnification chamber is £15, and the 2-pack with bio home is £10.

These lines are also available on Amazon.

Individual replacement pods will be available later this year, on Learning Resources website and in high street stores such as Toymaster, Daniels and a two pack or six pack will be on Amazon soon.

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