Nuzzy Luvs Pampered Pets Party

Nuzzy Luvs Pampered Pets Party

Nuzzy Luvs are super soft new-born pets that snuggle right into your hand.

These cute baby animals respond to you with a combination of movements and sounds.

Isabella absolutely loves pets so she had a great time being able to pet them and treat them just like a real pet.

We were super lucky to receive four of the new characters from Wave 1

Nuzzy Luvs are interactive and will let you know if the feel Happy, Frightened, Sleepy or they want some Attention.

They are great for talking about emotions and feelings too.

They have a really soft body just like a new born pet and they all respond to each other.

They have touch and sound sensors so they can respond to children with a combination of sound and movement.

Isabella really loves watching their little head turn and move in each direction.

They go to sleep after 90 seconds and snore, if you then pat their heads they wake. So Cute!!

They can even open and close their eyes which looks adorable.


Nuzzy Luvs Pampered Pets are available from Smyths Toy Store or from Amazon

They are a RRP of £14.99

Suitable for ages 3 years plus

Batteries included 4 x LR44

I think they would make an amazing Christmas gift and perfect if your child wants a pet but your not quite ready for a real one yet.


Thanks so. much for reading and we hope you love your Nuzzy Luvs if your lucky to get some for Christmas

Merry Christmas

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