Kindi Kids Play Time Friends – Dress Up Dolls

Kindi Kids Play Time Friends – Dress Up Dolls

Welcome To The Magical World Of Kindi Kids

Kindi Kids Dolls come from Rainbow Kindi, a preschool/kindergarten where the world becomes alive with friendship and play.

These dolls are aimed at children aged 3-5 years, although I know lots of older children that love them too.

They are like a doll version of the children so prefect for acting out what happens at preschool or school to prepare children for starting or so they can simply act out what they enjoy and do at preschool.

They encourage friendship and using your imagination.

Kindi Kids are made by Moose Toys and I have today they are very well made.

Isabella loves how colourful they are. They just ooze happiness!

With their Big beautiful glitter eyes and fully rooted colourful hair, they certainly are the cutest dolls on the shelf.

So this new range is all about dress up and it really helps children develop their play even more.

We were so lucky to receive two of the new dolls to review and we hugely appreciate this.

Anything I write is completely my own opinion and our experience of the dolls.

Kindi Kids Marsha Mello Bunny Dress Up Friends 25cm Toddler Doll

First up we have Marsha Mello Bunny dress up toddler doll.

Marsha Mello is super cute and comes with an adorable bunny suit and a pretty dress to change into. She loves to hop around Rainbow Kindi.

She also has a bunny ear hairband and a pair of boots.

Isabella loves to dress up as a bunny too and join in with Marsha Mello.

I think her favourite feature of this doll is the beautiful hair band and she just loves to change her outfit over and over again.

All the Kindi Kids are the same size so you can swap around all of their outfits. Isabella will literally sit and play with these for hours.

Come on, who couldn’t resist one of these!We bought her some of the other dolls and the accessories like the shop for her birthday and this really extends her play. I love that they have some many collectibles to go with them as we always know what to get Isabella as a gift, plus I also love buying them myself.



Kindi Kids Playtime Friends Mystabella


This brings me to the second doll and Isabella could not believe it when I told her that the dolls name is Mystabella!!!! 

Could it have been any more perfect for her? and Mystabella likes to dress up as a unicorn princess.

Its almost like this doll was created for Isabella, she loves nothing more to be a princess and loves unicorns.

Then to top it all of Mystabella also loves to be artistic. This is exactly how I would describe Isabella.

Mystabella comes with a unicorn headband, a beautiful colourful dress and a magic reveal masterpiece.

Mystabella can hold the paintbrush herself and when you dip it in cold water, then rub it onto the easel a picture magically appears.


Every time I think Kindi Kids can’t get any better, they come along with something else spectacular.

Isabella and Myself can’t wait to collect more of them.

They are available at Smyths Toy store and Argos

I think they are a bargain for what you get and they are priced at RRP 24.99

Kindi Kids Playtime Friends MystabellaKindi Kids Marsha Mello Bunny Dress Up Friends 25cm Toddler Doll

As always, thank you for reading and we are always happy to answer any questions

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Birthdays in Lockdown with Orchard Toys

Birthdays in Lockdown with Orchard Toys

Isabella has had her fourth Birthday whilst we are in lockdown.

I was a bit nervous about making sure we ordered gifts on time as I know there have been some delays with deliveries but we were super lucky to receive these Orchard Toys Games to review so Isabella was delighted.

We have been Orchard toys customers for a long time and have many of their games.

They have so many fun and educational games.



ages 2-6 years RRP£8.30

One of the things I did over look however was Birthday Cards! I completely forgot so Orchards Toys saved the day on this again as they have some amazing Birthday cards online that you can download and colour in, so this was just perfect. I was able to print some off for Megan and Sophie to colour in which they enjoyed. I also coloured one myself. The we cut them out and stuck them onto coloured card.


I have linked them if you’d like to print any.

They also have so many colouring in sheets and educational activities you can print off too.

Farmyard Heads & Tails

Ages 18 Months plus, RRP £8.30

All of the Orchard toys games are such great quality and really well thought out.

I love for how they can be adapted to suit most ages so for example with the “Match and Spell” game if your child can’t sound out the words yet then that’s ok as they can still find the matching letters which is great for letter recognition.

This is one of my favourite games as it makes learning fun so they don’t even realise they are doing it.

Match and Spell,

Ages 4 years plus, RRP £8.50


Isabellas favourite game is the “Giraffes in Scarves” game.

She really enjoys playing this with her Daddy.

One thing I really like about all of these games is how all the family can join in and being stuck inside during lockdown this has been perfect for entertaining the girls.

Giraffes in Scarves

Ages 4-7 years, RRP £8.30

They also so fantastic jigsaw puzzles. I love the size of this one as its nice and chunky and the pieces are really easy to handle.

Perfect gift for any dinosaur fans.

I know one little girl that I will be buying this puzzle for as a gift for their 3rd Birthday coming up this month.

Big Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

Ages 4 years plus, RRP £11.00

These games and puzzles are all reasonably priced for Birthday gifts and how amazing that you can add your very own personalised touch with one of a choice of cards to colour in.

Making it very special for all the friends and family we are missing.

You can purchase all of these from most major retailers such as, John Lewis, Symths, and Argos.

I have also added links for each game to the Orchard Toys Website where you can purchase them too.

Rainbow Unicorns

Ages 3-5 years, RRP £8.50

Thanks for Reading and we hope you have an extra special birthday if yours is during lockdown.




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Helping My Children Maintain Friendships and Routine During Lockdown With Kindi Kids

Helping My Children Maintain Friendships and Routine During Lockdown With Kindi Kids

Children are really missing their normal routine during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Every Childs  routine is different but usually includes exercise, preschool, hobbies and social activities so we have tried our best to maintain these.

Social development is a really important part of learning and development for children.

They learn to take turns, have patience, and share to name a few aspects.

To continue this we have been Face timing Isabella’s cousin and friends.

Isabella and her cousin  Annabelle both love Kindi Kids so they have been using them to play together which has been so lovely to watch and so great for them to act out their emotions.

Maintaining these friendships is also really going to help them return to school.

We have also been trying to keep to the same routine plan, getting up at the same times and maintaining the usual bedtime and meal times.

We do some activities that the preschool have sent us and read stories together.

We also made a little chart like they used in preschool to do the days of the Week, Month, Season and weather.

Moose Toys so kindly gifted Isabella a Rainbow Kate Kindi Kid and the Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter.

We are always very grateful when we are gifted something and always give an honest review.

I knew these would be an instant hit with Isabella as she already has and loves her Marsha Mello Kindi Kid doll.

We also already have the Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart and the Kitty Petkin Supermarket which I also highly recommend.

Kindi Kids have made some amazing activity cards which have been so useful for keeping up with our exercise.
I have linked the free activity cards for you to download.

We have been doing these along with our daily walks.

Isabellas favourite activity from the cards has been throwing things into a laundry basket. Perfect for developing her hand and eye coordination. It’s also a really good gross motor activity.

Rainbow Kate and Marsha Mello have been like Isabella’s best friends during lockdown and so we have tried to incorporate them into most of our learning activities.

We love sensory play and Isabella was really missing trips to the beach so we made our very own beach. Complete with water, sand and shells for Isabella and the Kindi Kids to enjoy.

One of our favourite things about the Kindi Kids is the amazing accessories them come with.
Each doll comes with two accessories and they are so detailed. We used the Slushi sparkle drink and strawberry as part of the picnic for the beach activity.

The dolls are absolutely beautiful and have huge sparkly eyes.
I love their cool funky outfits with matching shoes and hair accessories.

The dolls are 10 inches tall so a really good size for playing with. They can also stand on their own or sit.

The clothes are removable which is another cool aspect. Isabella loves taking Rainbow Kate’s crunchy out and brushing her colourful hair.


The Kindi kids Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter is just so much fun.
I love how all the items are designed so that the dolls can stand alone on them. Each item has been clearly very carefully thought out.
The scooter comes with a compartment on the back to put your accessories in and it also has a little holder at the front to pop the dolls magic cups in.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge fan and even I love to play with them. They really remind me of some dolls I had as a child called Little Miss Make Up so bring back some lovely memories of my sister and I playing with our dolls.

I think these dolls are such a great buy and we will certainly be adding to our collection as they also do a Peppa mint, Jessi Cake and Donatina. Don’t you just love the names?

You can purchase them from Argos .

Rainbow Kate is a RRP of £25 and the Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter is a RRP of £15 , really good value for money.

We also enjoy watching the Kindi kids episodes on YouTube and this has been great when I needed five minutes peace.

If you have any questions about them, we would be very happy to answer.

Thanks so much for reading and thank you to Moose Toys for allowing us this opportunity to review them.


My Three Little Strawberries



We would love you to share your tips or routines during lockdown with us in the comments section.




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National geographic STEM Kits

National geographic STEM Kits

We were really excited to try these national geographic kits as they are a creative and fun way of learning about the world and science.

They all came with little learning guides with facts in them about fossils and crystals. Isabella and Megan really enjoyed learning about them.

The first kit we tried was the Crystal garden kit, where you get to grow your own crystals and it was so much fun.

The box  and the instructions are clear and informative, so we had no problems figuring out what to do.

It came with all the thing you needed to grow the crystals and you could even choose from a variety of 5 colours of crystal!

We followed the instructions which were easy and simple, after just 30 mins some crystals started to form. Isabella found it very interesting to watch the crystals grow over time into a full tree of crystals just like a normal tree would.

Once you have completed the experiment and had some fun looking at it you can go to your learning guide and learn all about different crystals.

Megan who is 15 even enjoyed this and loved teaching Isabella all about the crystals and growing them together.

She said “I really enjoyed growing the crystal trees, it was very calming colouring them in with the pens provided and then to watch them from into the beautiful crystals, it was so much fun”


The next ones we tried were the gemstone and dinosaur fossil digging kits.

These were fab, and Megan and Isabella spent a long time searching for the gemstones and fossils.

It came with little digging tools, a brush, and a magnifying glass which they used to dig at the blocks.

The blocks weren’t too hard, so Isabella had no problems finding her gemstones and fossils.

You can add a bit of water if you would like to make it softer for younger children.

I think this is an amazing way for young children to get a sight into future hobbies and job ideas like archaeology and Megan had such fun with this that it inspired her to consider it for a future career.

She thought it would be a fascinating thing to do when she’s older!

The girls both spent a long time focusing and concentrating on the digging and they really enjoyed it.

Just like the crystal growing kit, these also came with a learning guide so once they had found their fossils and gemstones, they could find out the names of their discoveries and learn what they are and where they came from. 

Thank you for reading about our experience with our national geographic kits and we hope you enjoy yours!

Recommended ages 8 years+

My Three Little Strawberries


These items were gifted for an honest review.

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Play Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit

Play Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit

We were very kindly gifted this amazing set to review from Play Osmo.

Technology is a big part of life now and children enjoy it.

So Play Osmo is the perfect solution as it’s hands on learning and digital learning in one.


What is Play Osmo

Play Osmo is a hands-on learning game in which children use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world on their device.

It was developed by child development researchers.

Its available for selected iPads and Fire devices at the moment.

The ‘Little Genius Starter kit” is suitable for children aged 3-5 years and has four games at present.

This set has  RRP of £79

Its available in English and Spanish right now.

Once you have put your device into the compatible Osmo base and then add the red reflector over the devices camera, you can begin.

Its really easy to set up by downloading the app and it also has a parents app so you can view what areas they are covering or need to work on.

Osmo scans the table and your Childs creations then come alive on screen. Its really amazing to watch even as an adult.

Osmo has a covered reflector to only capture images in a bounded area and your Childs privacy is always protected





What I love about Play Osmo

I love to watch Isabella playing with it as she becomes so engaged and her facial expressions are fantastic.

It really helps her concentration, which is something we have been working on.

The ABC game is absolutely perfect for learning letter sounds and to recognise the letters.

You also get to create the letters using all the shapes that come supplied in lovely storage boxes.

There are just so many opportunities for learning, from the fine motor skill development when picking pieces up to to the hand and eye co-ordination when creating.

Osmo captures childrens imaginations, developing their listening skills.

Isabella loves to listen to Mo the monster and then follow his instructions, which again is something we are working on as listening is not always top of her priorities.

I really like that it has different levels so as Isabella progresses we can make it a bit more challenging for her or if she’s finding it a bit tricky then we can put it onto an easier setting.

I have absolutely no guilty letting Isabella use this as its “healthy screen time” and not a child sat staring at a screen with no interaction.



What Isabella loves about Play Osmo

Isabella was so excited when she first played it and I did wonder if the novelty would wear off but a few weeks on and it has not. She asks to play it everyday and we now have its own little table so she can access it freely.

She really loves “Mo” the monster and finds him very funny.

She loves all his encouraging words and how he offers to help if she gets stuck or gives her an opportunity to try again if needed.

Isabella favourite game so far is the stories. She just loves to sit and listen to the story and then join in by adding a costume.

Its amazing for problem solving too, I will give you a quick example.. we come across a swarm of bees and need something to protect our head so you need to have a look at all the pieces and choose the correct one, then we can carry on with the story.

It really gets children thinking!



You can see in this photo how happy she is when she completes the letters and this shows how it also helps develop self confidence.

Isabella gives it a 10\10 and so do I. I can’t recommend it enough and look forward to purchasing more games to add to it.

As always I would only ever write a review on a product I truly love and would purchase myself. I can see this being a number on toy for next Christmas.

Play Osmo also has a huge range of games available for children ages 5- 12 years so be sure to check these out too. I can’t wait until we can play some of these!

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help answer them.

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