Gingerbread Play Dough

Gingerbread Play Dough


I cup plain flour

1//4 cup salt

2 teaspoon Cream of Tartar

3 teaspoon sweet cinnamon

2 teaspoon ground ginger

1 cup of boiling water

1 tablespoon vegetable oil


  1. Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix
  2. Add the boiling water and oil
  3. Mix with a mixer or by hand until a dough forms
  4. Then take it out of the bowl to cool and knead , adding extra flour if still sticky.

I added some loose parts like buttons and pom moms or eyes from Hobbycraft

We also had a gingerbread shaped cutter and a wooden Lanka Kade figure with a copy of the story book.


Children should be supervised with any small loose parts and with boiling water.


Have fun!





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 VIP Pets are cute collectable fashion pets.

There is 12 to collect (two styles of each) Juliet, Taylor, Alexia, Lady Gi Gi and Nyla.

They’ll have different personalities and hobbies, with bright and colourful hair styles


So each pet comes in a large shampoo bottle and after unwrapping it you can add water to wash and reveal which pet you have received.

They have beautiful long (30cm) hair to style with the 9 accessories you also receive in the bottle.

Each pet has a special marking on their face and when you wash their face it appears.

Isabella loved sitting her pet into the hair dressers chair (also included) and washing and styling its hair.

These pets are great for encouraging creativity, role play and imagination.


Kitoons YouTube channel has VIP Pets episodes available to watch which Isabella loves to watch whilst she plays with them.

They are all about visiting Fabio and Fabias salon and promote friendship, fashion and being yourself!

Such a great way to help discover their own individuality and personality.

All the pets have unique coloured hair, face markings and styles!

These pets are RRP £17.99 and available from all large retailers

Suitable for children ages 3 years +


These have been a big hit with Isabella so I think they would make a great gift.

Any questions we are happy to help

Thanks So Much



vip pets



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Nuzzy Luvs Pampered Pets Party

Nuzzy Luvs Pampered Pets Party

Nuzzy Luvs are super soft new-born pets that snuggle right into your hand.

These cute baby animals respond to you with a combination of movements and sounds.

Isabella absolutely loves pets so she had a great time being able to pet them and treat them just like a real pet.

We were super lucky to receive four of the new characters from Wave 1

Nuzzy Luvs are interactive and will let you know if the feel Happy, Frightened, Sleepy or they want some Attention.

They are great for talking about emotions and feelings too.

They have a really soft body just like a new born pet and they all respond to each other.

They have touch and sound sensors so they can respond to children with a combination of sound and movement.

Isabella really loves watching their little head turn and move in each direction.

They go to sleep after 90 seconds and snore, if you then pat their heads they wake. So Cute!!

They can even open and close their eyes which looks adorable.


Nuzzy Luvs Pampered Pets are available from Smyths Toy Store or from Amazon

They are a RRP of £14.99

Suitable for ages 3 years plus

Batteries included 4 x LR44

I think they would make an amazing Christmas gift and perfect if your child wants a pet but your not quite ready for a real one yet.


Thanks so. much for reading and we hope you love your Nuzzy Luvs if your lucky to get some for Christmas

Merry Christmas

My Three Little Strawberries

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We are so excited to show you the new additions to the Kindi Kid range.

Isabella was so kindly asked to review these products, she is a huge Kindi Kids fan so she was super happy as you can imagine.

First up is the new Shiver ‘n’ Shake Rainbow Kate doll. She has caught sprinkle pox and needs some help to make her feel better.

She comes with lots of accessories for the doctor to use,

a blanket – she even asks for her blanket when she’s feeling cold

Thermometer – you can pop this in her mouth and Rainbow Kate will react.

Stethoscope – to listen to her heart beat (makes real noises)

Vitamin Stars

Bowl with a flannel to clean her ouch.

Rainbow Kate has her beautiful rainbow hair and big sparkly eyes, she comes dress in a night dress and cute bunny slippers.

She makes 40 different sounds and is so interactive, telling you how she feels. For example she shakes so you need to take her temperature and wrap her up in her hug blanket.

I love that this doll teaches children empathy and how to look after and care for others, which is what Kindi kids are all about. Being kind to our friends.

Also available to purchase is the Kindi Kid Doctors Bag which comes with a stethoscope, 4 Shopkins accessories, a printed fabric bandage and a sticker sheet.

You open and close the doctors bag by turning the sparkly unicorns horn.

Isabella absolutely loved the play syringe and the Shopkins scissors and bandage!

The doctors bag a is great size and Isabella loves to take it with us on outings.

Now you’re probably thinking what more could a child want?

Well this is just the ultimate A Kindi Kids Unicorn Ambulance Playset!!!!!

I think this is my favourite, it folds out into a hospital room with a bed for the patient to lie on.

Isabella absolutely loves pushing all her Kindi Kids and teddy bears around on this.

Inside it has a rainbow heart monitor to check their heart, a pressure pump that fits around the dolls arm and then really squeezes to spin around.

It also has a flip ‘n’ play x-ray to check your Kindi Kid dolls bones.

If your Kindi Kid has broken a leg bone , there is even a cute cast to pop on their leg and some stickers to pop on any ouches they may have.

The soft vinyl playmat is perfect to park the ambulance on and really sets the scene.


  • Kindi Kids “Fun Time Friends” – Cindy Pops & Mystabella

o   Suitable for ages 3+. Available from Amazon, Argos, Smyths, Entertainer, Very, ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco and B&M. RRP £24.99.

  • Kindi Kids “Dress Up Friends” – Marsha Mello ‘Bunny’ and ‘Princess’ Donatina

o   Suitable for ages 3+. Available from Amazon, Argos, Smyths, Entertainer, Very, ASDA. RRP £24.99.

  • Kindi Kids Shiver ‘n’ Shake Rainbow Kate

o   Suitable for ages 3+. Available from Amazon, Argos, ASDA, Smyths, B&M, Entertainer, Sainsbury’s, Very. RRP £39.99.

  • Kindi Kids Unicorn Doctor’s Bag

o   Suitable for ages 3+. Available from Amazon, Argos, Smyths, Entertainer, Very, ASDA. RRP £14.99.

  • Kindi Fun Unicorn Ambulance

o   Suitable for ages 3+. Available from Amazon, Argos, Smyths, Entertainer, Very, ASDA. RRP £29.99

Also don’t forget parents and children can continue to join in with the Kindi Kids’ adventures exploring their Rainbow Kindergarten with a brand new episode coming to the official YouTube channel this season.

Thanks so much for reading and we are always happy to answer any questions.

                                        MY THREE LITTLE STRAWBERRIES




Items were kindly gifted from Moose Toys in exchange for a review but as always We only ever add reviews to the blog if they are something we would genuinely recommend or purchase ourselves anyway.

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Lottie Doll – Walk in the Park

Lottie Doll – Walk in the Park

Lottie dolls are beautiful, realistic dolls.They are so well made with such attention to detail. We are reviewing ‘the walk in the park’ doll.

Shes perfect for talking about Autumn and Winter as she comes wrapped up warm with lots of layers.
She’s dressed in jeans, a soft fox top and has a really lovely fleece coat with cute bunny ears. She also has red polka dot wellingtons on.
Lottie is all set for a walk in the park, through the autumn leaves with her dog on its lead.

Lottie has beautiful shiny long hair which Isabella has loved brushing and putting bows in.
My favourite thing about Lottie dolls is that they wear normal real looking clothes and they are age appropriate. No make up and high heels, just like a real innocent child. Lottie can also stand up on her own which Isabella loves!
There are lots of different Lottie dolls available with diverse coloured hair, skin and eye colours.

Lottie dolls are 7 inches tall which I find a really great size for young children to hold and she fits in Isabella’s back pack to take out and about with us. Isabella can independently take the clothes on and off herself which is a big plus as she doesn’t get frustrated.

Lottie also comes in a beautiful box with a handle so looks fantastic as a gift or for children to carry the doll and accessories around in.

Isabella is very excited to collect some more of the Lottie doll range. There is a doll to suit almost every child’s personality, from a ballerina to an artist.

There is even a STEAM range which includes a fossil hunter and a stargazer. This is super to explore the world of science.

Another doll I love is the hospital doll, this would be ideal if you have a child that will be visiting or staying in hospital.

We hope you enjoyed our review and hope you have fun checking out all the other Lottie Dolls in the range


My Three Little Strawberries




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