Mrs P’s Play – Winter Ice Sensory Play Box

Mrs P’s Play – Winter Ice Sensory Play Box

I am a huge advocate of Play Dough and Sensory Play so I couldn’t do a gift guide and not include it. The learning benefits are endless….

We tested out Mrs P’s Play and were not disappointed. The natural peppermint smell as soon as we opened the box was just amazing!

It comes so beautifully packaged and includes everything you need.

1x 250g White Peppermint Sensory Dough

1x 250g Blue Peppermint Sensory Dough

1x 175g Winter Ice Sensory Rice

1x 20g Magic Snow

1x 30g Winter Potion

1x Silver Sensory Sheet

1x Pack assorted themed loose parts

Play Inspiration & Information cards




As you can see Isabella just loved it!

The super soft dough was just perfect and had a beautiful sparkle to it.

She loved using the stamp cube and all the loose parts to make some wonderful creations.



The sensory rice and chick peas were such a beautiful colour and Isabella really enjoyed transferring them from the containers with the bamboo tongs and wooden scoop. She also used them in the play dough too.



We have not had the chance yet to use the winter potion and magic snow yet but they look fantastic and Isabella can’t wait to get them out this week.

So we will update you on this part.


I really think this would make such a wonderful gift and it includes so much.

It has such a homemade feel to it and if your looking for something personal, that you won’t find somewhere else then this is definitely it!

You can really see and feel how much work has gone into this box and it creates such a wonderful learning experience.

Also included are the play cards to extend your play and learning.

Absolutely recommend this 100 percent!

Please go check out Mrs’s Ps shop to see all the wonderful items she has.

This set is available to pre order for £25

Thanks so much for reading

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