The Field

The Field

We are very proud to show this hand crafted Irish toy to you. Have I mentioned before I am Irish!, which makes me so happy to watch Isabella play with this field.

‘The Field” has also been on TV, it was on ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ on RTE. As a child every year we were allowed to go to the shop and get some sweets to watch ‘The Toy Show”. It was a Christmas tradition for us and I still do it for my girls. Even whilst living in the UK (my lovely Auntie records if for us and posts it over). I still get excited to watch it so to see ‘The Field’ on there was just amazing!

I love the story behind The Field.

Padraic Cuddys son inspired him to create ‘The Field’ when he wanted a toy Field for his animals. He made it out of products from his company ‘Class Grass Providers’. He hand made the field with hedging and a traditional gate from scrap wood.

We have the field which measures 24 inches by 17 inches and I think it’s an amazing size, great for more than one child to play with.

Its exceptional quality and much bigger than it looks in the photos.

It’s very sturdy with no loose parts of grass and makes a lovely sensory experience to feel it.

It’s suitable for ages 3 years and above.

The field is great for indoor and outdoor play and has endless opportunities to what children can do with it.

We have made it into a spooky farm and Isabella has played with her dinosaurs in it

I’ve also seen it be used as a center piece at a children’s party!

It’s fantastic for small world play and perfect to develop children’s imaginations and bring out their creativity.

Here are some ideas we are planning to use it for,

Farm, Zoo, Football, Picnic, Tea party, Fairy garden, Dinosaurs, Horse scene and a House for Santa with snow!



This is the one we have but also available are ‘The Field Farm’, ‘The Compound’, ‘The Grass Roll’, ‘The Half Acre Field’, ‘The Field Paddocks’, ‘ The Collection’ and ‘The Ultimate Collection’.

They all come with a certificate of title and packaged in a beautiful box.


The Field Toy

They are available to buy on and for the USA/Canada customers on

RRP £39.99 for ‘The Field’ is the main website if you are ordering from Ireland.

We hope you enjoyed this review and would be happy to answer any questions about ‘The Field’ if you have any.

We would also love to hear how you use your Field Toy.

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