Learning Resources – Zoomigos

Learning Resources – Zoomigos

We were very kindly gifted two Zoomigos from Learning Resources in exchange for an honest review.

Isabella choose the Alligator with his float car and the Hippo with his boat car but there are six Zoomigos to collect!

So what are they? They are interactive pet themed toys.

Isabella loves them. Her favourite thing to do is race them so I would recommend having two.

They are so much fun and look very cute whilst being very well made.

You can pump the Alligator or the Hippo on the floor first and then put it in the car or what Isabella likes to do is pump it whilst its in the car already.

After pumping it/ pushing it, you pop it in and the gears power it to zoom across the room. Isabella laughs every time she sees it go!

We also filled the tuff tray with a little water and raced them in the water.

One major bonus to them is that they do not need any batteries and or need to be plugged in to charge.

They zoom really fast across the floor and you can mix and match them into each car. These are really lovely for imaginative play and Isabella enjoys making little voices for them to talk to each other.

I think they are an amazing toy to help children understand cause and effect. they are so hands on and perfect for developing fine motor skills!

The see through legs show how they work as you can see the gears move inside them, making them great for inquisitive children.

I think all parents are looking for ways to entertain children without using a screen and these Zoomigos certainly tick that box.

They really are a fun toy and I think younger children would love watching them zoom along with an adults help to pump them until they can do it themselves.


RRP £12.00 From Learning Resources

Thanks so much for reading and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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