Play Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit

Play Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit

We were very kindly gifted this amazing set to review from Play Osmo.

Technology is a big part of life now and children enjoy it.

So Play Osmo is the perfect solution as it’s hands on learning and digital learning in one.


What is Play Osmo

Play Osmo is a hands-on learning game in which children use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world on their device.

It was developed by child development researchers.

Its available for selected iPads and Fire devices at the moment.

The ‘Little Genius Starter kit” is suitable for children aged 3-5 years and has four games at present.

This set has  RRP of £79

Its available in English and Spanish right now.

Once you have put your device into the compatible Osmo base and then add the red reflector over the devices camera, you can begin.

Its really easy to set up by downloading the app and it also has a parents app so you can view what areas they are covering or need to work on.

Osmo scans the table and your Childs creations then come alive on screen. Its really amazing to watch even as an adult.

Osmo has a covered reflector to only capture images in a bounded area and your Childs privacy is always protected





What I love about Play Osmo

I love to watch Isabella playing with it as she becomes so engaged and her facial expressions are fantastic.

It really helps her concentration, which is something we have been working on.

The ABC game is absolutely perfect for learning letter sounds and to recognise the letters.

You also get to create the letters using all the shapes that come supplied in lovely storage boxes.

There are just so many opportunities for learning, from the fine motor skill development when picking pieces up to to the hand and eye co-ordination when creating.

Osmo captures childrens imaginations, developing their listening skills.

Isabella loves to listen to Mo the monster and then follow his instructions, which again is something we are working on as listening is not always top of her priorities.

I really like that it has different levels so as Isabella progresses we can make it a bit more challenging for her or if she’s finding it a bit tricky then we can put it onto an easier setting.

I have absolutely no guilty letting Isabella use this as its “healthy screen time” and not a child sat staring at a screen with no interaction.



What Isabella loves about Play Osmo

Isabella was so excited when she first played it and I did wonder if the novelty would wear off but a few weeks on and it has not. She asks to play it everyday and we now have its own little table so she can access it freely.

She really loves “Mo” the monster and finds him very funny.

She loves all his encouraging words and how he offers to help if she gets stuck or gives her an opportunity to try again if needed.

Isabella favourite game so far is the stories. She just loves to sit and listen to the story and then join in by adding a costume.

Its amazing for problem solving too, I will give you a quick example.. we come across a swarm of bees and need something to protect our head so you need to have a look at all the pieces and choose the correct one, then we can carry on with the story.

It really gets children thinking!



You can see in this photo how happy she is when she completes the letters and this shows how it also helps develop self confidence.

Isabella gives it a 10\10 and so do I. I can’t recommend it enough and look forward to purchasing more games to add to it.

As always I would only ever write a review on a product I truly love and would purchase myself. I can see this being a number on toy for next Christmas.

Play Osmo also has a huge range of games available for children ages 5- 12 years so be sure to check these out too. I can’t wait until we can play some of these!

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help answer them.

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