National geographic STEM Kits

National geographic STEM Kits

We were really excited to try these national geographic kits as they are a creative and fun way of learning about the world and science.

They all came with little learning guides with facts in them about fossils and crystals. Isabella and Megan really enjoyed learning about them.

The first kit we tried was the Crystal garden kit, where you get to grow your own crystals and it was so much fun.

The box  and the instructions are clear and informative, so we had no problems figuring out what to do.

It came with all the thing you needed to grow the crystals and you could even choose from a variety of 5 colours of crystal!

We followed the instructions which were easy and simple, after just 30 mins some crystals started to form. Isabella found it very interesting to watch the crystals grow over time into a full tree of crystals just like a normal tree would.

Once you have completed the experiment and had some fun looking at it you can go to your learning guide and learn all about different crystals.

Megan who is 15 even enjoyed this and loved teaching Isabella all about the crystals and growing them together.

She said “I really enjoyed growing the crystal trees, it was very calming colouring them in with the pens provided and then to watch them from into the beautiful crystals, it was so much fun”


The next ones we tried were the gemstone and dinosaur fossil digging kits.

These were fab, and Megan and Isabella spent a long time searching for the gemstones and fossils.

It came with little digging tools, a brush, and a magnifying glass which they used to dig at the blocks.

The blocks weren’t too hard, so Isabella had no problems finding her gemstones and fossils.

You can add a bit of water if you would like to make it softer for younger children.

I think this is an amazing way for young children to get a sight into future hobbies and job ideas like archaeology and Megan had such fun with this that it inspired her to consider it for a future career.

She thought it would be a fascinating thing to do when she’s older!

The girls both spent a long time focusing and concentrating on the digging and they really enjoyed it.

Just like the crystal growing kit, these also came with a learning guide so once they had found their fossils and gemstones, they could find out the names of their discoveries and learn what they are and where they came from. 

Thank you for reading about our experience with our national geographic kits and we hope you enjoy yours!

Recommended ages 8 years+

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These items were gifted for an honest review.

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