DKL Christmas Gift Guide 2018


Coloured Scented Smencils

Graphite Scented Smencils

Smencils are from the Scento range and include Smencils, Smens, Smarkers, Notepads, Paper Clips, Keychains, Smanimals and many more fun scented products.

They even come with a two year scent guarantee and I can vouch for that as the girls have been collecting them for about three years now and they all still smell!

Another great feature of Scentco products is that they are good for the planet as all Smencils and Smarkers are made from 100% recycled newspaper. So if you are looking for an Eco Friendly gift this year then these are perfect.

They are suitable from 3 years+ and these two featured products are RRP £6.50 and £13.00 (ideal stocking filler and each pencil comes in a separate tube so can be opened the packet to split between children)

Hama Advent Calendar

Hama Maxi Giant Yellow Gift Box

Hama Small Bead Kit

Hama Mini Beads Large Animal Faces

Hama are the original bead brand with the largest range of sets and accessories.

They come in three different sizes; midi, mini and maxi. The mini sets are perfect for adults and teens, the midi is my favourite size and I would say suitable from 5 years, the maxi set has large beads and so suitable from 3 years.

Hama beads create colourful and imaginative designs and have kept our girls entertained for hours on a rainy day. They are also great for developing fine motor skills!

We even used a Disney princess set when I was pregnant with our first daughter to make princesses to decorate her room so they have many memories for us and I am still buying them 14 years later!

The sets come with peg boards and a range of coloured beads to design patterns and then you simply place the ironing sheet over them and iron, to create beautiful creations.

These sets range in RRP from £3.70 – £18.10

Plus Plus Neon Mix Tube

Plus Plus 170 Piece Basic Savannah Kit

Plus Plus Big Piece Tube 

Plus Plus building bricks allow kids of all ages to create fantastic mosaics and 3D designs, only limited by their imagination.

Plus-Plus is an innovative construction system to develop the imagination and creativity of children.

They have two sides. The 20mm pieces are perfect for 5+ years and the 50mm pieces are suitable for ages 1-6 years.

Megan and Sophie, who are 13 & 14 years really enjoyed the 20mm set and Isabella loved the 50 mm set. Its not often I can find something that entertains both age group at once and I will definitely be investing in more sets of these. Isabella especially is interested in construction activities.

These sets range in price from £5.50 – £7.00 (the neon mix tube at £5.50 is a idea stocking filler and would fit in perfectly too)

PlayMais Basic 1000 Piece Tub

PlayMais Mosaic Little Zoo

PlayMais One Dog

PlayMais is one of my favourite creative resources as you all have seen on our Instagram. It provides endless fun and children just love building beautiful creations with it.

Its a natural product made from corn grits and water. The corn is grown close to the processing site and any organic matter left is used as fuel for the company biogas station. How amazing is that!

PlayMais sticks by just getting it a little damp with water and its easy to shape with your fingers.

Children can create 2D mosaic creations for younger children and older children can create more challenging 3D creations.

PlayMais has no limits!

It ranges in RRP from £2.50 up to £13.00 from the massive tub that would almost last a life time! (the smaller box sets £2.50 are another ideal stocking filler)


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