Lottie Doll – Walk in the Park

Lottie Doll – Walk in the Park

Lottie dolls are beautiful, realistic dolls.They are so well made with such attention to detail. We are reviewing ‘the walk in the park’ doll.

Shes perfect for talking about Autumn and Winter as she comes wrapped up warm with lots of layers.
She’s dressed in jeans, a soft fox top and has a really lovely fleece coat with cute bunny ears. She also has red polka dot wellingtons on.
Lottie is all set for a walk in the park, through the autumn leaves with her dog on its lead.

Lottie has beautiful shiny long hair which Isabella has loved brushing and putting bows in.
My favourite thing about Lottie dolls is that they wear normal real looking clothes and they are age appropriate. No make up and high heels, just like a real innocent child. Lottie can also stand up on her own which Isabella loves!
There are lots of different Lottie dolls available with diverse coloured hair, skin and eye colours.

Lottie dolls are 7 inches tall which I find a really great size for young children to hold and she fits in Isabella’s back pack to take out and about with us. Isabella can independently take the clothes on and off herself which is a big plus as she doesn’t get frustrated.

Lottie also comes in a beautiful box with a handle so looks fantastic as a gift or for children to carry the doll and accessories around in.

Isabella is very excited to collect some more of the Lottie doll range. There is a doll to suit almost every child’s personality, from a ballerina to an artist.

There is even a STEAM range which includes a fossil hunter and a stargazer. This is super to explore the world of science.

Another doll I love is the hospital doll, this would be ideal if you have a child that will be visiting or staying in hospital.

We hope you enjoyed our review and hope you have fun checking out all the other Lottie Dolls in the range


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