Kindi Kids Play Time Friends – Dress Up Dolls

Kindi Kids Play Time Friends – Dress Up Dolls

Welcome To The Magical World Of Kindi Kids

Kindi Kids Dolls come from Rainbow Kindi, a preschool/kindergarten where the world becomes alive with friendship and play.

These dolls are aimed at children aged 3-5 years, although I know lots of older children that love them too.

They are like a doll version of the children so prefect for acting out what happens at preschool or school to prepare children for starting or so they can simply act out what they enjoy and do at preschool.

They encourage friendship and using your imagination.

Kindi Kids are made by Moose Toys and I have today they are very well made.

Isabella loves how colourful they are. They just ooze happiness!

With their Big beautiful glitter eyes and fully rooted colourful hair, they certainly are the cutest dolls on the shelf.

So this new range is all about dress up and it really helps children develop their play even more.

We were so lucky to receive two of the new dolls to review and we hugely appreciate this.

Anything I write is completely my own opinion and our experience of the dolls.

Kindi Kids Marsha Mello Bunny Dress Up Friends 25cm Toddler Doll

First up we have Marsha Mello Bunny dress up toddler doll.

Marsha Mello is super cute and comes with an adorable bunny suit and a pretty dress to change into. She loves to hop around Rainbow Kindi.

She also has a bunny ear hairband and a pair of boots.

Isabella loves to dress up as a bunny too and join in with Marsha Mello.

I think her favourite feature of this doll is the beautiful hair band and she just loves to change her outfit over and over again.

All the Kindi Kids are the same size so you can swap around all of their outfits. Isabella will literally sit and play with these for hours.

Come on, who couldn’t resist one of these!We bought her some of the other dolls and the accessories like the shop for her birthday and this really extends her play. I love that they have some many collectibles to go with them as we always know what to get Isabella as a gift, plus I also love buying them myself.



Kindi Kids Playtime Friends Mystabella


This brings me to the second doll and Isabella could not believe it when I told her that the dolls name is Mystabella!!!! 

Could it have been any more perfect for her? and Mystabella likes to dress up as a unicorn princess.

Its almost like this doll was created for Isabella, she loves nothing more to be a princess and loves unicorns.

Then to top it all of Mystabella also loves to be artistic. This is exactly how I would describe Isabella.

Mystabella comes with a unicorn headband, a beautiful colourful dress and a magic reveal masterpiece.

Mystabella can hold the paintbrush herself and when you dip it in cold water, then rub it onto the easel a picture magically appears.


Every time I think Kindi Kids can’t get any better, they come along with something else spectacular.

Isabella and Myself can’t wait to collect more of them.

They are available at Smyths Toy store and Argos

I think they are a bargain for what you get and they are priced at RRP 24.99

Kindi Kids Playtime Friends MystabellaKindi Kids Marsha Mello Bunny Dress Up Friends 25cm Toddler Doll

As always, thank you for reading and we are always happy to answer any questions

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