SculptaPalooza Game Review – Learning Resources

SculptaPalooza Game Review – Learning Resources


SculptaPalooza is such a fun board game from Learning Resources and what an amazing way to spend quality time together.

The objective is to guess the clues sculpted by the other players to score points and the first team to 20 wins!

You can play in teams of two or there is a two-three player game.

Inside the box,

Playfoam that never dries out, a sculpting mat, Clue cards, Tag Team Lightning Round cards in holders, Tokens to represent your team, a Scoreboard, a Die, a Timer and you also get 20 custom Clue cards which are great for involving younger children, as you can make them easier things to make.

How to play

1. Choose the order that your team will sculpt in (this order will stay the same throughout the game).

2. The first sculptor will roll the die to determine the category. If 1-5 is rolled the sculpture will draw a clue card. If the lightening symbol is rolled, the category is Tag Team Lightning Round and used it’s own card deck.

There are 5 categories and the Tag Team Lightening Round.

Straight up Sculpt

The Playfoam has to be kept on the mat whilst you sculpt your master piece.

Put it on your Face

The girls favourite! As it says you can put the foam on your face to help your teammates guess who or what you are. Sophie was a clown and used it to make a clown face whilst jumping around and acting silly. This was so funny!

Just Close Your Eyes

Scult your creation whilst keeping your eyes closed. Some seriously funny creations are made this way. Lots of laughing.

Playfoam Props

Get up and move, using your Playfoam as a prop to act out your clue.

Sculptors Choice

You can choose any category to play.

Tag Team Lightning Round

This is an all play round and there is 60 seconds to act out as many clues as possible. You can sculpt props, move around, or use the Playfoam on your body.


What we thought

The game was really easy to set up and we would say it is perfect for family games nights or for parties.

The instructions were simple and everybody picked it up quickly making it perfect for people who have never played before.

We played it as a family and the girls also played it at a sleepover.

They all described it as a “Great, fun game” and there was a lot of laughing involved. They loved being able to put it on their faces!

The girls said it was a bit like Pictionary or Charades but more fun.

This game encourages everyone to let their hair down and be really silly whilst making funny creations.

What I love

I love the colourful box it comes in and the fact that it’s a mess free game. The girls just love playfoam anyway so loved being able to sit playing with it during the game. Playfoam is an amazing sensory resource.

This is such a fantastic way to get your children interacting and away from TV screens, computers, tablets or phones. What more could you ask for.

I would recommend this game to anyone for a fun family night and I can see it being an amazing game to add to our Christmas Eve games night.

SculptaPalooza is available to buy from Learning Resources and Amazon, RRP £19.00

We hope you enjoyed his review, of you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comments section.


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  1. Jenna
    October 22, 2018 / 4:21 pm

    Must put this on oliver Xmas list as he loves board games.

    • G G
      October 22, 2018 / 5:09 pm

      It is such a fun game and I can see it being great fun for adults with a few drinks ??

  2. Mud & Tutus
    October 22, 2018 / 9:37 pm

    Wow this stuff looks amazing. Definitely one for the Christmas list xx

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